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I am Karissa. 18 years old. I use this blog as a way to vent. I post a variety of things(I am a fangirl) but I mostly blog things that I relate to or describe how I am feeling. Feel free to talk to me. I am always here if you need someone to listen.
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lypophrenia: a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause

drapetomania: an overwheliming urge to run away

escapism: a mental desire to retreat from unpleasant realities through fantasy

wanderlust: a desire to travel, to understand one’s very existence

dysania: the state of find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning

sanctuary: a smell safe place in a troubling world

metathesiophobia: a fear of change

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Something that I and other people deal with. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and try harder to not let my problems make relationships unbearable to be with.

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Hi guys! I wanted to inform you about this great thing that is happening!

These smart fellows have devised a way to create cups, straws, mixers, etc that can detect common date rape drugs. This is an amazing idea and it needs funding! The campaign ends in 35 hours and they are a little short on funding. Please, signal boost this or even give a dollar if you can, it’s a great cause and something that will really change the world!


Only 28 hours left! Check this out and spread the word!

donate or signal boost, they still have about a fifth to go!



Hey! This is pretty awesome, so I thought I’d share here. Even if you can’t donate, signal boosting the fuck out of this is important! 


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reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you

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Never get mad at someone with anxiety for apologizing a lot. It’s a coping mechanism and yelling only makes it worse. They don’t need tough love or anything like that. Reassurance that they are fine is the most important thing

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